Douglas Zena 25 (M/B)
Douglas Zena 25 (M/B)

Douglas Zena 25 (M/B)

Douglasin naisten hartiasuoja. QB/RB/LB/WR/DB pelipaikoille. Pieni erä M/B koossa nyt alehintaan!

175,92 €
219,90 €
Sisältää alv. 24.00 %
Toimitusaika 1 - 2 työpäivää

The Zena 25 is the most versatile pad offered in our Zena line. Its low profile, light weight construction caters to all skill positions. It's recommended for the qb's, running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, line backers, and kickers. 

The anatomically designed pads specifically contour to fit a woman's body. It is important that women athletes understand they now have a "choice" in innovative shoulder pad protection other than those available in the industry. Needed to order shoulder pads are a players height, weight, position and bra cup size.

(B Cup) fits cupsize C and up.

If out of stock please call the shop on 08009174245 to order, 5-7 days for delivery. 

Small 16-17"
Medium 17-18"
Large 18-19"

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