Riddell Power SPK RB/DB
Riddell Power SPK RB/DB

Riddell Power SPK RB/DB

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Riddellin uusinta RipKord teknologiaa hyödyntävät SPK hartiasuojat

399,90 €
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Toimitusaika 5 - 9 työpäivää
  • Fully integrated RipKord technology that allows rapid access to the player if the player is injured
  • Flat Pad design for low profile and improved mobility
  • STAC Shoulder System creates a protective bridge to channel impact energy away from the shoulder
  • BIOTHANE® brand webbing set the standard for performance and quality in protective sporting good. BIOTHANE® STAC stratps provide needed resiliency between the arch and shoulder for protection hit after hit
  • BIOTHANE® belts maintain the shape of the arch to dissipate the energy at impact
  • Air Management Liner System distributes impact energy throughout the whole liner within a sealed cushion of air
  • Swivel fronts
  • Removable Channels to optimize fit and pad height above the shoulder
  • Lay-flat body design with breathable body vents
  • Adjustable deltoids on specific models
  • Removable deltoids can be attached to the shell or body of the pad.
  • U.S. patent #'s; 7,506,384; 7,930,773; 8,087,102; and other patents pending

BIOTHANE® is a registered trademark of BioPlastics Company.