Under Armour kirkas visiiri
Under Armour kirkas visiiri

Under Armour kirkas visiiri

Under Armourin kirkas visiiri. Yleismalli, sopii Schuttin, Riddellin, Xenithin ja muiden valmistajien kypäriin.

79,90 €
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Toimitusaika 5 - 9 työpäivää
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Whatever your position, whatever your style, Under Armours football visor with patented NXT technology delivers unbreakable performance with anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings.

The Under Armour Football Visor's unique cut & aattachment clips have been specifically engineered to fit a vast range of helmets and facemasks. The universal design makes it compatible with all makes and models, including Schutt, Riddell, Xenith and others. Some exceptions may apply, including, but not limited to: Revo Short Open, Revo Long Open, G2B, G2BDC and future helmets not yet available during fit tests conducted in 2009. Use at your own risk.

Colour:  Clear for use in games